Vendor List of Foreign Manufacturers Soon Be Released

Gordaninejad made the remark a seminar marking formation of the reference committees in charge of specifying standards of 10 groups of home-made commodities.

He said once evaluation of the foreign manufacturers is final, the list of the confirmed companies supplying requirement of the central department of the Ministry of Petroleum will be added to the vendor list.

He said absence of the Approved Vendor List (AVL) in the past 37 years inflicted hefty damage on the oil industry logistics and support section. 

He added that staggering variety of systems and machinery in the past 37 years should be taken as a negative consequence of single vendor list.

He said the vendor list contains names of 1,802 manufacturers.

Technologically, qualifications of about 100 manufacturers is verified and a road map is going to be offered to the manufacturers, according to Gordaninejad.

He added that the list is updated every two months and there is no ban on adding new company to the loaded list.