Up to 540m cm/d Gas Extraction from South Pars in 5 Months

“So our gas extraction level will be equal to Qatar’s,” said Meshkinfam after a ceremony marking loading of platform 17B of South Pars.

He put volume of investment needed for development of the entire phases of South Pars at 67 billion dollars.

He added that 14 billion dollars more is needed for insurance, taxes, customs expenditures and the like.

“I predict the phase 11 of South Pars will need four billion dollars of investment following installation of the pressure systems.”

He noted that by 2009, about 26 billion dollars investment was made in development of phases one to 10 of South Pars.

As for construction of platform 17B, Meshkinfam said the platform is the last platform of the South Pars phases 17 and 18, whose construction took 31 months, excluding delays caused due to sanctions and lack of commodities.

He noted that 70 percent of the equipment applied in the platform are made inside the country.

He added that each platform of the phases 17 and 18 of South Pars costs 150 million dollars.