Total Azar Oilfield Output Crosses 500k Barrels

Keyvan Yarahmadi, operator of the field’s development project at PEDEC, said production from the field is expected to reach 30,000 b/d by the end of the month of Ordibehesht (the second month in Iranian calendar, April 21-May 21). 

Crude oil production from the field began last year with 15,000 b/d of output.

The field is being developed for production of 65,000 b/d of crude oil in its first phase which, as Yarahmadi estimated, will be realized in a matter of two years. Completion of the project’s second phase, production will reach 100,000 b/d. 

The field is the most challenging for the oil industry due to the stony land conditions.

The volume of possible oil reserves to be extracted from Azar fields is estimate to be around 400 million barrels.

With 2.5 billion in place of reserves, Azar oil field lie in common border with Iraq. The shared oil field is part of Anaran Block in southwest of Ilam Province.

Sarvak Azar Engineering and Development Company is involved in development of the oil field as operator.