Tehran to Host 16th IGRC in 2020

Director of the Research and Technology Department at National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) Saeed Pakseresht said the chance of hosting the IGRC has been offered to Iran due to the country’s success to attain sophisticated gas technology and high number of scientific articles.

The International Gas Union (IGU) announced recently that it was  pleased to announce that at its annual Council Meeting it selected Iran to host its 16th meeting in 2020.

 In awarding the IGRC to Iran, one of the leading natural gas producers and consumers in the world, the IGU is looking forward to gaining further insights into how natural gas’ role in the global energy mix can be enhanced as governments around the world look to curb greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. The IGRC 2020 will be hosted by the NIGC.

The IGRC is the globally most renowned gas research conference and attracts gas company executives, researchers and others from all over the world. The conference is governed by the IGU Executive Committee (IGU EXC) under the chairmanship of the IGU President, a position currently held by David Carroll, representing the United States.