TAPPICO to Set Up Big Petro Olefin Facility

Talking to Shana, Peyvandi said, “We are to optimize the mini-refinery by setting up a big olefin plant beside the facility for production of the olefin products.”

He referred to construction of Arak petrochemical facility and its using naphtha and said following the experience with construction of Arak petrochemical facility, TAPPICO will put the unit into operation in a way that the input to the facility will be gas condensate and the output will be olefin products.

He said producing naphtha out of gas condensates is not important; therefore, “We will commission the project for completion of the procedure for turning naphtha into olefin products. The project will take time but financing the two projects will be much easier.”

After operation of Persian Gulf Star Refinery, Siraf Project and then Petro Olefin project will be the second priority for TOPPICO, added the official.

He then said Siraf refinery will yield 60,000 barrels of gas condensates, consisting of about 40,000 to 45,000 barrels of naphtha, some liquid gas and heavy diesel. 

“Through producing petro-olefin beside Siraf Refinery, we will not let the value-added gained out of naphtha to get out of the country. Alike Arak Petrochemical Facility, we will set up an olefin facility to run two times to three times the capacity alongside and concurrent with Siraf Refinery.”