Talks Underway with Germans for Petchem Cooperation

Shahdaie referred to the last week visit of German Minister of Economy and Energy Sigmar Gabriel to Iran and said in talks with German Deputy Minister of Economy Saipers there were discussions on type of German companies’ presence in Iranian petrochemical industry.

She said such companies as BASF, Linde Group and Air Liquide along with several other companies are finalizing type of the contribution and investment in Iranian petrochemical projects.

She went on to say that technical problems are not due to absence of foreign companies in Iran, rather certain banking problems, including money transfer is among the bottlenecks which are hoped soon be solved.

Concluding her remarks, Shahdaie said talks with German companies are different with that with other foreign companies which are interested in investment and activity in Iranian petrochemical industry. “Germans want technical and economic studies without signing any deal.”