SZOGPC to Supply 220m cm/d Gas

The SZOGPC has won the success in light of successful overhaul of five of its operation zones operated.

South Zagros Oil and Gas Production Company is one of three subsidiaries of Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC), which is accountable for meeting more than 30 percent of the national gas needs.

Overall, 228,685 man/hour incident free work was done in the case of the SZOGPC overhaul this year, said Head of the Planning and Repair Engineering Department at the  SZOGPC, Hassan Zafarabadi.

Zafarabadi said this year, more than 23,000  meters of pipelines were overhauled and more than 2,300 meters pipelines were changed and about 18,000 meters of pipelines received other maintenance services.

SZOGPC produces 235 mcm/d of gas, which is nearly 40 percent of the country’s total output.

The company operates eleven oil and gas fields located in five regions: Nar and Kangan, Aghar and Dalan, Parsian, South Sorkhoun and Gashou, Sarvestan and Saadatabad. The eleven fields include Aghar, Dalan, Nar, Kangan, Tabnak, Sorkhoun, Homa, Varavi, Shanoul, Sarvestan and Saadatadab fields in Fars, Bushehr and Hormuzgan provinces.

Meanwhile, development of Khesht oil field located near the city of Kazeroun in Fars province started in 2007 and the field is expected to start production soon. Development of Dey and Sepid Zakhour gas fields in Fars province is also under way. South Zagros Company is based in Shiraz.

 The company was established in line with the policy of non-centralized management. It was established in 1998 and started work nearly a year later.

 South Zagros Company operates fields located in Fars, Bushehr and Hormuzgan provinces. Its main task is to supply gas to Farashband, Fajr Jam, Sorkhoun and Parsian gas refineries and Shiraz oil refinery, to inject sour gas into Maroun oil reservoir, send gas condensate to Fajr Jam, Sorkhoun, Parsian and Shiraz refineries as well as to Taheri Port for exports.

Besides the current gas fields, development of Khesht oil field as well as Dey, Sepid Zakhour, Seif Baghoun and Halgan gas fields will soon be added to the company’s field of activity.