SPM’s Product Swivel Construction Indigenized

Single point mooring (SPM) is a floating buoy/jetty anchored offshore to allow handling of liquid cargo such as petroleum products for tanker ships. SPM is mainly used in areas where a dedicated facility for loading or unloading liquid cargo is not available. Located at a distance of several kilometers from the shore-facility and connected using sub-sea and sub-oil pipelines, these single point mooring (SPM) facilities can even handle vessels of massive capacity such as VLCC.

The design and construction of the part was monopolized by a limited number of world companies. It was among the items needed direly by Iranian oil industry but was subject to sanctions. 

The IOEC said due to sanctions the manufacturer of the swivel product, which is an important SPM part, refused to put it at the disposal of the Company and it inflicted considerable damage on the company due to construction of the SPM, needed highly for export of gas condensates.

The swivel product was made inside after a series of indigenized designing and construction procedures. Tenders were run for the purpose and the winner domestic manufacturer undertook the project.

Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) was applied in the course of the item’s construction and design.

Hence, construction of SPM, product swivel and full SPM package, including floating hoses and riser, represent the new technology that has been successfully indigenized.

The IOEC has announced that construction of the SPM and its key equipment by Iranian companies only represents the Company’s trust in Iranian companies.

Among advantages of the project was its times lower cost compared to that of the foreign-made one.

The time of berthing of the vessel is also less than the target.

The advantages have encouraged the oil and gas exporting countries in the Persian Gulf to use the part so as to raise their export and berthing capacity.

In Iran, the SPMs are installed only in phases 1, six, seven, eight and 12 of South Pars, so raising the capacity of gas condensate exports from all the 24 South Pars fields to 15,000 cubic meters an hour. With installation and operation of the SPM, the figure will rise to 22,000 cubic meters an hour (3.2 million barrels per day).