SP20 Platform Operational Next Week

Alireza Ebadi told a group of visiting journalists on Tuesday that the pipe laying operations for the transfer of natural gas from SP20&21 to onshore refining facilities have finished, adding operating to start recovering sour gas from SP20 have begun and gas injection to the pipelines will begin by Saturday from the project. 

The offshore platform of SP21 was installed in December 2016 and came on-stream two weeks ago, he said.

Ebadi further added that one sweetening train of SP20&21 refinery has come online, adding the second train of the facility will become operational by Friday and the third and fourth trains will come on-stream shortly after that.

Once the platform of SP20 becomes fully operational, natural gas recovery from SP20&21 project will reach 56 million cubic meters per day.

Iran shares South Pars gas field with Qatar in Persian Gulf waters.