SP. 19 Fetches $1.5b Exporting Gas, Condensate Exports

Hossein Pilehchian Langroudi said acceleration of recovery from the phase is signified by its proximity to the border frontiers with Qatar in Persian Gulf. 

He said the project came online at a relatively shorter period of time at lower costs, adding SP. 19 was Petropars’ first turnkey project in which deals with 900 developers were sealed for completion of the project. 

Iranian companies had 69% share in completion of the project, he added, saying that most of the items required for the project were procured by domestic suppliers.   

Phase 19 is developed for the production of 56 mcm/d of sour gas to be transformed into 50 mcm/d of sweet gas, 550 tons a day of ethane, 2,000 tons a day of propane, 1,200 tons a day of butane, 80,000 b/d of gas condensate and 400 tons a day of sulfur.