South Pars Phase 20 Control Systems Built Inside

Director of the South Pars phases 20 and 21 platform project department at Iranian Offshore Engineering and Construction Company Motaleb Afshari said in the past two years, the platform had been built in the company’s yard in Khorramshahr and was loaded and carried to the point it will be installed in Persian Gulf.

He noted that as of next week and after end of the operations to link the platform, operations will begin to put it into operation. 

Once the platform is operational in more than two months ahead, 28 million cubic meters will be added to the national gas production capacity, predicted the official.

The official said the platform for phase 21 was installed in Iranian month of Mordad (July 22-August 21) and will be operational as of next week.

He added that offshore operations on the 32.4 inch in diameter pipelines applied in the project have also been completed.