South Pars Gas Output to Rise by 5bn cf

Meshkinfam made the remark when inspecting the platforms under construction in Sadra Industrial Yard.

During the tour, he was informed of progress in the projects, finances and supply of equipment for construction of the platforms.

Addressing a joint working session aimed at assessing construction of 10 platforms of South Pars, he underlined speeding up executive operations and further acceleration of the project for construction of gas platforms for remaining the phase developments of South Pars.

For the time being, 10 gas platforms for phases 13, 17b and 18b (substituting platforms of phase 14) and 22 to 24 of South Pars are built in Sadra Industrial Yard in Bushehr.

Installation and operation of each of the platforms will add 500 million cubic feet to the capacity of gas extraction from South Pars.

Construction and operation of the platforms are expected to be complete by 2017, he noted.