Shana Session Focuses on Iran’s Market Share Revival

Deputy Manager of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) for International Affairs in Marketing and Crude Oil Operations, Safar-Ali Keramati, Chancellor of the Energy Economy Research Center at International Energy Studies Institute,  Mehran Amir-Moeeni and Member of the Energy Committee of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, Farhad Fozuni, were present in the meeting.

It focused on  importance of Iran’s return to the oil market and increase in export of its crude oil as an effect of the JCPOA.

The participants elaborated on the degree of Iran’s success in revival of its share in the world crude markets, return to the world crude oil markets, Iran’s approach in talks with the post-JCPOA customers, future plans for preserving share and winning new markets, strategies to build capacity to guarantee Iran’s crude sale in the world markets and impediments on the way of Iran’s return to the oil market in the post-JCPOA era.

Somewhere in his comments, Keramani said it could be hardly believed that Iran would be able to do such a big work, that is return to the world crude oil markets and raise volume of its crude exports to the pre-sanction level within short period of time.

Amir-Moeeni said, “Worlds proceeds with its own special strategies. We should not let making decision just at time of crisis. That’s wrong to sit idle against changes and resort to charging each other at the time of crisis.”