Running Iran without Oil Revenues Possible: Veep

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of a Pelletizing facility in the Gol Gohar County, southern province of Kerman on Monday, Jahangiri said Iran’s economy can be managed without relying on oil revenues as the country’s trade balance was positive without even considering oil revenues.

He said there are always weaknesses but no one can deny the speed the country is progressing for the time being.

“The country’s developing in the right path and it is moving fast thanks to the correct choices we have made so far,” the official said. 

Jahangiri said numerous projects have been completed in various parts of the country recently which have been financed by resources other than state resources. 

“Those who believe state funds must only be used for developing the country, should try to think again,” he said.

Ever since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, trying to wean the economy off oil dollars has been an ever-present promise by all presidential candidates in Iran. 

For the time being, Iran’s economy is 30% dependent on the cash it receives by selling crude oil, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday after he officially launched three major oil projects in the southwestern province of Khouzestan.