Rouhani: Crude Exports Exceeds 2mbd

“Certain countries built walls around us, trying not to allow Iran to sell more than one million barrels of oil per day but today, the country is free to export one million or two million or more barrels of oil,” said President Rouhani in an address to the Parliament open session on Tuesday.

The president attended the parliamentary session to defend competency of his three proposed ministers of education, culture and Islamic Guidance and Sports and Youth.

“The 11th government faced big problems when starting work, which might be called crisis; no government after the imposed encountered faced an inflation rate of more than 23 percent when starting work.”

He said his government faced an inflation rate of 40 percent. 

He noted that no government faced severe UN sanctions and the UN Security Council resolutions but the 11th government did.

“We managed to bring the inflation rate of 40 percent down to a one-digit level, while reaching 4.4 percent economic growth rate from the negative level. Though we have not yet attained economic flourishment and are times behind economic growth rate of eight percent, the statistics say we are in the right track.”