“Roll Up Sleeves to Speed Up W. Karoon Projects Implementation”

“We will spare no efforts in this regard; all of us are Iranian and should make efforts in a common front for speedy commissioning of development projects in the fields,” Shahnazizadeh told a group of his personnel on Monday.

Shahnazizadeh had earlier said for the time being, 225,000 barrels per day oil is recovered from Yadavaran, North and South Azadegan oil fields and oil recovery from the joint fields is expected to increase up to 120,000 bpd.

Based on plans, by end of this year oil recovery from South Azadegan oil field will reach 60,000 bpd, that of North Yaran to 30,000 bpd and of Azar field to 30,000 bpd in phases by end of this year.

The target set for oil recovery from six fields in Dasht-e-Azadegan field by next three years will reach about 1,150,000 bpd.