RIPI New Achievements on Show at Nano Expo

The Nano Research Center of the RIPI will present its achievements at the expo in a gesture to allay the oil, gas and petrochemical industry needs to sophisticated materials and equipment.

He said the nano technology to prevent erosion of the gas fields and access to synthesis and nano formula of adding lubricants and checking frictions caused in the course of drillings are the cases to be presented in the biggest nano gathering.

For the time being, the east and west and South Zagros oil and gas exploitation companies are using the deterrent. The East oil and gas exploitation company is annually using about 113 of the deterrent – the foreign-made one. If the substance is produced inside, the country will get self-sufficient in that respect.

The deterrent had been applied successfully on lab scale and was tentatively tested on 10 barrels of the RIPI in the well no. 36 of Khangiran region for six months and its quality was eventually confirmed by the experts.