Reshadat Field’s F4 Platform Flare Lit

Head of Reshadat platform Fariborz Edraki says the flare following extensive plans and all-out cooperation with other staff and repairing personnel in Lavan field, aiming to prepare the ground for enhancing recovery of Reshadat field.

Edraki said Reshadat Field used to be subject to dastardly air raids of Iraqi planes and US naval fleet during the 1980-88 war imposed on Iran by former Iraqi regime.

He said the platforms operational in the field were destroyed those times and the wells were set ablaze.

He added that however, the IOOC personnel were hardworking enough to put the platforms into operation again and gradually increase production of the field.

Edraki added that in the past years, drilling of new wells within framework of project to develop Reshadat field result in a program to put Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) of the field on agenda. 

He said in the meantime, impediments to production were identified and were thus lifted one after another, one of the impediments being separating the way for discharge of gas.