President: Iran, Algeria Play Effective Role in Oil Market Balance

President Rouhani made the remark in a meeting with Algerian Parliament Speaker Abdulqader Bin Salih on the sidelines of the NAM Summit.

He lauded Algerian nation’s spirit of independence seeking and resistance and said Algerian revolution and Iran’s Islamic Revolution are two big and influential revolutions in the region, enjoying popular and Islamic features. 

He said Algerian people withstood colonialism and domination of foreigners as Iranian nation stood up to fight the domestic despotism and foreign colonialism and they were eventually victorious.

He underscored the important role of the Muslim and revolutionary countries in preserving and strengthening security.

“The Muslim and revolutionary countries, particularly Iran and Algeria carry heavy burden for the return of brotherhood and protecting the security of Muslims.” 

The Iranian president said that the revolution of Algeria and the Islamic Revolution in Iran as two big and influential revolutions in the region have the popular and Islamic peculiarities as the two nations stood up against the arrogant powers.

President Rouhani pointed to the two countries’ vast capacities for improving healthy cooperation between the two countries, and said,’ The two countries’ economic and political cooperation should be strengthened and the two countries’ capabilities are aimed at boosting the security issues for strengthening regional stability.’