President Inaugurates Yadavaran Oil Field Development Project

The project, costing more than 2.9 billion dollars, was initially targeted to produce 85,000 barrels oil but thanks to the endeavors of experts and staff of the Ministry of Petroleum in the Administration of Hope and Prudence, it has now reached 115,000 bpd.

President Rouhani is to attend the official opening of three oil projects on fields Iran shares with neighboring Iraq.

North Yaran, phase I of Yadavaran and North Azadegan projects will become officially operational after a ceremony held on Sunday in the presence of the Iranian President. 

West Karoun region comprises two oil blocks which consist of North Azadegan, South Azadegen, North Yaran and South Yaran oil fields in its first block and Khoshk and Hosseiniyeh oilf fields in its second block. 

The fields contain over 67 billion cubic meters of oil-in-place in their reserves.

Crude oil production from North Azadegan oil field began early this year with 75,000 b/d. Yadavaran also yields 85,000 b/d for the time being. Operation of the fields is being officially inaugurated now that their production has reached a stable level. 

The project for development of Yadavaran oilfield will be in three phases, the first phase of which is in stage of operation.

The field has been put into operational since February 2012 following laying of 45-km delivery pipeline, modernization and repair of Darkhowin procedural facilities, drilling five new production wells and repair and completion of three existing exploration wells and eight early production wells in total. It has thus far yielded 20,000 barrels/day of crude.

The second phase of the early production project has increased the oil output level to 50,000 barrels per day.

Azadegan Oilfield has oil-in-place reserves of about 5.6 billion barrels. Taking the recovery rate of the field at 5.5 percent, its recoverable resource is estimated at 330 million barrels of crude oil. The first phase development of the field is being carried out based on buyback deal for a maximum production, refining and transfer of 75,000 barrels of crude.

Such a figure will be obtained as a result of drilling 58 wells, including 50 production wells and eight wells for wastewater treatment, enhanced recovery and descriptive wells.

The project for development of North Azadegan will be commissioned in two phases with the target production of 75,000 barrels of crude and extraction of 08.39 million cubic feet/day of associated gas in each phase. The first phase has been put into operation.