Pres. Legal Advisor Highlights EOR Importance

Addressing the Seminar to Examine Mandates and Challenges Ahead of Partnership Contracts and Financial Mechanisms of Investment in the Oil Industry, Aminzadeh underlined extraction from joint oil and gas reserves and EOR of oil reserves.

She said enforcement of the new model of oil contracts will help meet the goals.

She went on to say that legally speaking, ways and means of increasing number of Iran’s strategic customers and diversification of legal means should be examined, while making it possible for further contribution of the private sector into Iranian oil and gas industries.

While stressing attraction of capital and new technologies, the official said new model of oil contracts are flexible enough in that respect.

While emphasizing maintenance of national sovereignty and ownership of oil and gas sources in the new model of oil contracts, Aminzadeh said inking such contracts preferably with Iranian companies will help win national trust in such contracts.