POGC 5th Refinery Yields 17.22mb Gas Condensates in 7 Months

Head of the Exploitation Unit of the Refinery Mostafa Jahankhah told Shana that the seven-month output showed remarkable growth compared to that within the same period the previous year.

Jahankhah said in the seven months, production of ethane rose by 10 percent, that of propane 13 percent and sulfur by 47 percent.

He went on to say that in the period under study, 11,248,000 cubic meters of sweet gas and 17,220,000 barrels of gas condensates were produced through endeavors of the refinery experts.

The official said in the period, 311,530,000 tons of propane and 113,526,000 tons of butane were produced in the fifth refinery.

Concluding his remarks, Jahankhah said the refinery is fully ready to provide sustainable gas production.