Platform of Phase 20 of South Pars to Be Loaded on Monday

According to Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), Ebadi said the platform 20 is the second and last platform of the phases 20 and 21 of South Pars, whose construction was fully by Iranian experts in tune with safety regulations and standards.

The official said the platform will extract one billion cubic feet of gas from South Pars joint field a day and send it to onshore refinery of the phases.

The platform of the phase 21 of South Pars, weighing 2,700 tons, was fixed in Iranian month of Mordad this year. Operations to put the platform into operation still continue and Ebedi said it will be operational by end of this Iranian month of Aban (to end on November 20).

He said the phase 20 platform was loaded about three months after installation of the platform for phase 21 thanks to the endeavors and expertise of technicians and contractors of the gas project.

He boasted that the two huge gas structures will be operational this year and said once the two platforms of phases 20 and 21 are operational, 2 billion cubic feet, equal to 57 million cubic meters of gas sources, will be extracted from the offshore part of the two phases.

The second and last platform of phases 17 and 18 of South Pars were loaded from Iran Shipbuilding & Offshore Industries Complex Co (ISOICO) yard in Bandar Abbas on Tuesday.

The satellite platform of B17 OF South Pars is 2,300 tons in weight and whose operation will result in 500 million cubic feet extra output of South Pars gas field.

 Since start of this year (on March 20), four South Pars platforms of A19, B18, 21 and B17 of Khorramshahr and Bandar Abbas yards were loaded. A19 platform is now operational. Two platforms of phases 21 and B18 will be soon operational.

A total of six South Pars platforms will be installed and operational in this Iranian calendar year of 1395 based on the schedule.

Managing Director of POGC Mohammad Meshkinfam says by end of this year, gas extraction capacity of South Pars will rise as much as 540 million cubic meters a day.