Platform for South Pars Phase 21 to Be Operational Next Week

Speaking in ceremony for inauguration of the installation of platform for phase 20 of the gas field, Ebadi said operations for installation of the platform for phase 21 of South Pars will begin as of Mordad (July 21-August 20), the fifth month in Iranian calendar year.

He said the platform for phase 20 of South Pars was fixed in its reservoir location on Saturday and will be operational in Bahman (January 21-February 20), the 11th month in Iranian calendar year.

The Iranian official went on to say that 28.4 million cubic meters of gas will be extracted from the platform a day.

He said on the whole, 57 million cubic meters will be added to the gas production capacity of South Pars once all the phases are operational.

He said phase 21 had cost $4.5 billion. 

The 2,600-ton platform for phase 20 was fixed in its location in Persian Gulf on Saturday. The platform has the capacity to refine one billion cubic feet of gas.