Phase 19 of South Pars Injects 20m cm/d Gas to Nationwide Gas Network

Some 20 million cubic meters/day gas is sent to the nationwide gas network from the phase 19 now.

The phase 19 of South Pars gas field is a prioritized phase of South Pars, being equal to two standard phases of South Pars.

Trains four and one were put into operational in May and July respectively and the phase sweetened one billion cubic feet of gas a day and gas production from platforms SPD2 and A19 was hence possible.

Sour gas injection to train three of sweetening in the refinery started operational late August, running with the capacity of 12.5 million cubic meters/day.

The platform C19 was loaded in winter last year and was operational in July this year. Platform A19 was also installed in July this year. The platform runs with the capacity to refine one billion cubic feet of gas and once platform B19 is operational, gas extraction will be possible.  

For the time being, 20 million cubic meters of gas of phase 19 is injected to the nationwide network. Total export of gas condensates has reached two million barrels.

If platform A19 is operational by fall season, the phase of South Pars will by winter season inject about 43 million cubic meters of gas to the nationwide network.

Daily extraction of 56 million cubic meters of gas, 80,000 barrels of gas condensates, 2,550 tons of ethane to meet feedstock of the petrochemical facilities, 3,200 tons of LPG, including butane and propane, and 400 tons of sulfur and also annual income of 3.6 billion to four billion dollars are among goals of the project. 

Five phases of South Pars (the phase 19 that is equal to two standard phases, and phases 20 and 21 and remaining part of phases 17 and 18) will be operational by end of this year. Once the projects are complete by end of this year, total gas production of South Pars joint fields will reach 530 to 550 million cubic meters. While earning income for the country, the phases will provide feedstock for refineries and petrochemical facilities of the country.

Current gas production capacity of South Pars gas field has reached more than 430 million cubic meters a day.

Once the South Pars phases are fully developed, total gas production capacity of the joint field will reach more than 800 million cubic meters/day and that of gas condensates more than one million cubic meters/day.

South Pars gas field, enjoying 14.2 billion cubic meters of in-situ gas, that is equal to eight percent of the world gas reserves, and 47 percent of distinguished gas reserves of the country, 19 billion barrels of gas condensates, 7.5 billion barrels of crude oil in oil layers and enjoying highest helium source, reserves splendid position in terms of economic value in Iran’s national economy.