Petroiran Prepared to Undertake New Missions

“Having promoted Petroiran and Petropars companies to a company having integrated management and strategy in commissioning oil and gas field development projects, the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) now intends to help the E&P qualified companies, including Petroiran. We are now preparing for a new mission,” said Sadeghi in an interview with Shana.

Petroiran Company is now distinguished by the NIOC as qualified in terms of E&P. Petroiran shares belong to Naftiran Intertrade Company (NICO).

Petroiran directors believe the company is among powerful companies that is self-rule though being state owned. It only follows Petroleum Ministry policies. 

Ghasemi says his company is capable of implementing oil industry upstream projects.

According to Ghasemi, Petroiran was among forerunners of signing buy-back contracts with the NIOC.

He said his company had undertaken such projects as early production of South Azadegan field, early production of the phase 1 of Jofeir Field, development of the oil layer of South Pars and laying pipelines for transfer of gas from Sirri to Assalouyeh.

Once the Japanese company, INPEX, left Iran, the project for early production from South Azadegan field to the tune of 50,000 barrels per day was entrusted to his company, said Ghassemi, adding that then the Chinese embarked on the project.

“Development of the field needed huge amount of investment. Undoubtedly, neither Petroiran nor Iranian companies had such capital at hand. I think the best solution was stepwise producton from the field and the income gained out of early production of the phases was spent on securing needed sources for development. For good reasons, Ministry of Petroleum entrusted development of the field to the Chinese. Undoubtedly, Petroiran had good and defendable performance in early production out of South Azadegan field and had proposed methods of investment to then officials continue development of the field.”

He noted that among achievements of Petroiran are detailed engineering for construction and installation of marine structures in the 2000s and establishment of international drilling company. Moreover, we supply offshore drilling rigs, integrated drilling services, including 12 types of service offshore. Alongside diversified drilling services offered to domestic rigs, Petroiran has two modern offshore rigs in the Persian Gulf. All drilling of phase 20, are done by DCI1 rigs. Moreover, major portion of the operations to complete wells of South Pars oil layers are done by DCI2 rig.”

Petroiran chief says since establishment of his company, 360 million barrels of oil as a whole, and 125,000 barrels per day oil have been produced by Salman, South Azadegan and Forouzan fields within framework of three projects.

Furthermore, the capacity for production of 500 million cubic feet of gas a day out of Salman filed is among other achievements of Petroiran, he added.

On the whole, about 48 million man/hour jobs directly or indirectly are gained out of Petroiran development activities, he noted.