Petrodollar Independence in Line with Resistive Economy Policies: Min.

Speaking at the Sunday session of the Resistive Economy Prioritized Projects Steering Committee, Tayyebnia said weaning the country of oil dollars has been constantly minded by government officials over the course of the past decades in Iran and the topic is seen as a main concern in materialization of the policies of the Economy of Resistance. 

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Seyyed Ali Khamenei has instructed a series of transforming economic rules, dubbed as the Resistance Economy Policies, to the administration which will aimed at steering the country out of economic recession by relying mainly on domestic potentialities and capabilities. 

The Economy of Resistance includes increasing the country’s oil and gas production capacity and weaning the economy off petrodollars.

Tayyebnia further said the country’s Master Tax Initiative will be the biggest economic scheme in Iran’s economy in the past two decades and is hoped to transform bases of the country’s economy.