Over 24 Million Tons of Petrochemical Output in H1

Mahshahr Petrochemical Facility had a share of 8,663,000 tons, Asalouyeh Petrochemical Facility more than 11,451,000 tons and other petrochemical facilities in Iran more than 4,840,000 tons out of the total amount of production in the first half of this year (March 20-September 21).

Just in Iranian month of Shahrivar 3.65 million tons of petrochemical output were yielded, mainly by Orumieh, Rajal, Biston, Carbon Iran, Laleh and Khorassan.

Based on the report, in the first six months of this year, more than 10 million tons of petrochemicals, worth about 4.3 billion dollars, were exported. 

By end of Mordad (ended on August 21), as much as 8,724,460 tons of petrochemicals, worth $3.699 million were exported.