Oil Money Easily Transferred to Iran: Gov’t Spokesman

Speaking on Tuesday, Nobakht said, “Under the current circumstances we can receive our oil money without any trouble.” 

He said Iran is now exporting more oil that most estimations, adding the country sold an average of 2.9 million barrels of crude oil and gas condensate per day during the Iranian month of Dey (December 21-January 19). 

The government spokesperson also said that the administration had planned for selling oil at $40/b in the previous national budget plan but it is now selling oil at an average of $42/b and at times over $50/b which adds to the country’s oil revenue.

“Based on what the Iranian Minister of Petroleum has said, we expect to collect over $41b by selling crude oil and gas condensate by the end of the current calendar year [to March 20],” he added. 

The money will be injected to the country’s economy in the future months, said the official.

A recent report by the World Bank indicates that Iran has one of the world’s most stable economies and has reached the world’s 18th ranking in the global economy, Nobakht added.