NITC to Join World LPG Markets

Kian-Ersi said the world’s biggest oil tanker fleet is getting ready for powerful return to the European markets and new international scenes.

He said enjoying 60 ships with about 15.5 million tons capacity, the NITC is considered the world’s biggest oil tanker fleet.

He went on to say that his company has a number of plans for qualitative and quantitative development of his company’s navigation and said among the plans are entry to new markets such as LPG market in partnership with the international companies.

He underlined regarding the Ministry of Petroleum’s plans for putting LNG facilities into operation and export the products, the opportunity should be benefited and join the market.

Kian-Ersi said among other programs of the NITC is promotion of the LPG carrying navigation and said though the NITC is equipped with the LPG carriers, the facility should be promoted to strengthen the country’s presence in the world LPG markets.