NITC Surviving Repeated Pirate Attacks

Jabal Ameli told the HSE panel of the 24th Marine Organs Seminar that repeated attacks of the sea pirates on the NITC vessels failed thanks to support of the navy forces of the Islamic Republic Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC).

“Iranian vessels are fully secure through support of the military naval forces of Iran,” he said.

He said his company is busy with the Ballast Water Treatment System Selection (BWTS). “Since long ago and in line with the policy that enforcement of the convention is mandatory, the NITC is busy installing the BWTS in the company.”

To this end and regarding problems with the BWTS, many sessions have been held with the companies manufacturing the equipment with an aim to verify function of the present systems and install and put them into operation, said the official, adding, “In this connection, we have gained acceptable results.”

NITC transports Iranian crude to export markets and is also responsible for the distribution of oil products to Iranian ports and island ports in the Persian Gulf. 

The company, which operates as the largest tanker fleet in the Middle East, also acts as an independent entity in contracts with foreign concerns for crude oil transportation based on prevailing international freight rates.

In recent years, NITC has taken great steps towards accomplishing enhanced management systems, maritime safety and transport, the results of which have been achieving an array of awards obtained including ISO 9002, ISO 14001 (for management), PMS (for maintenance and repair system), STCW (for maritime supervision systems) and ISMC (for maritime safety management).