NITC Re-Sanctioning Rumor Dismissed

In a statement, the NITC announced that the reports, published in the media both on October 15 and 16 that the EU had issued tough sanctions against the company and its shareholders are untrue, suffering technical problems.

“Such reports are not expertised and not in accordance with professional verification of the authenticity of such claims.”

Like other Iranian legal and real entities, the NITC was put in the EU list of sanctions in October 2012 and to this end, a complaint was lodged at the General Court of the European Union against the EU Council and the Company succeeded in winning the Court’s verdict in September 2014 in its favor, invoking lift of the European sanctions against it. Then, the EU Council on vain grounds put the company in its list of sanctions in February 2015 (before implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and following the JCPOA implementation, the directive for putting the company in the sanctions list again was annulled. 

It’s worth noting that before the JCPOA implementation, the NITC had lodged complaint with the European Court of Justice invoking the Statute of the European Union Council to challenge the sanctions but the initial ruling was issued in favor of the EU Council but the company has called for an appeal.

So, the report seems to be wrong interpretation of the author of the report about the ruling issued in connection with the complaint against protest to re-enlisting of the NITC in the EU sanctions list.

This is while, regarding the JCPOA implementation, the NITC has been discarded from the sanctions list and for the time being, it is not in the list of sanctions of Europe and the US and any sanctions imposed against the delisted companies with regards to the JCPOA is gross violation of the JCPOA.

The EU Court is not a qualified court to issue sanctions against foreign companies and issuing of the sanctions, which are part of the EU regulations, do not fall within authority of  the Union’s Council. This is while, the report cites sanctions issued against the NITC by a court in the EU.

Evidently, courts are bodies to arbitrate differences and not the bodies to issue sanctions or ratify a law (As an evidence to competency of the EU courts, please refer to the EU website.)

Additionally, no official notice, indicating re-issuance of sanctions against the NITC by the European courts, has been submitted to the NITC, reads the NITC statement, adding, “So, the report of issuance of directive to the company, as cited by certain news agencies and the media, is hence totally dismissed.”

It said evidently, since the EU court is not qualified to issue sanctions, so it can not ban European insurance companies from insuring Iranian tankers. “In fact, such a thing which substantiates a kind of sanction, does not fall within jurisdiction of the EU Council.”

As said earlier, for the time being, not only the NITC but also its shareholders are not subject to the sanctions of the EU or the US and since when the JCPOA has been implemented, no official report regarding their re-sanctioning has been released. 

Moreover, all the points regarding interpretations of the illusive verdict, as referred to in the said report, are hence rejected per aforementioned justification. Undoubtedly, publication of such wrong news in the mass media and prints run counter to national interests of the country. Unfortunately, it seems that certain people with non-national objectives try to invert realities for their wrong ends, while ignoring destructive effects of such measures on national interests.

Concluding the statement, the NITC said so, it is necessary to avoid publication of such news without careful investigation so as to check any consequence of publication of such reports.