NISOC Defends Brilliant Performance, Rejecting Media Hype

The final and amended version of the NISOC contract frame, compiled on Petroleum Minister’s order for development of four oilfields, including nine reservoirs and confirmed by the Board of Managers of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC), will guarantee national interests.

Public Relations Department at the NISOC said the announcement comes in response to a report published in Tasnim news agency, which claimed the minister had weakened the status of the NISOC.

The NISOC announcement said the claims by an MP, published in Tasnim news agency, had been far from expected and hostile.

The MP had said the contract model will earn nothing for the NISOC, costing dearly for Khouzestan Province.

The department said the NISOC staff and personnel had carried out more than 150 man/hour expert studies on the contracts and its amendment so that it would guarantee national interests.

Further defending its performance, the NISOC Public Relations Department said within less than two decades, since its activity, the Company had built hundreds of schools, hospitals, health houses, welfare centers, universities and educational centers, seminaries and tens of linking roads and bridges, especially in Khouzestan Province and south oil regions.

“Undoubtedly, the Parliament members are well informed of the shining performance and extension of such assistances. Without the least doubt, the MPs do not intend to deny the services the oil industry has afforded.”

The Department cited statements of Governor General of Khouzestan Province MP from Kohgilouyeh-Boyer Ahmad and member of the Parliament Energy Committee as testimony to invaluable services and function of the NISOC. 

“At any rate, in four corners of the cities and villages south of Iran, especially Khouzestan Province, and south oil regions, the effects of implementation of such a project and other development projects handled by the NISOC are well evident. Undoubtedly, such assistances are praiseworthy in volume, quality and quantity.”

The Department said the company had concentrated on training the young experts and personnel. 

To the end, the Company’s Public Relations Department said its output accounted for 80 percent of the country’s crude output, while earning considerable portion of petrodollars.