NIOC to Call on Intl. Contract Bidders to Present Documents

In an interview with Shana, Kardor referred to a directive issued to government in connection with the new scheme of oil contracts and said legally, the NIOC sends requests to the international E&P and IOC companies to submit documents and technical and financial information. 

He went on to say that once the companies have presented documents and information, the NIOC will start verifying the applicants and then announce the list of its confirmed companies.

Kardor concluded that the NIOC confirmed companies would then run the tender.

Formerly, Kardor had predicted that the first tender on new oil contracts will be held in October. South Azadegan is predicted to be the first big oil field for which tender of oil contract scheme will be held. 

He said the NIOC will use a basket of contract models, consisting new model of oil contracts, buy-back, and EPCF and in certain projects, domestic sources will be benefited.

On this basis, domestic companies can undertake leading role in the medium- and small-sized fields and they can go ahead with activities being subject of the contract in partnership with foreign companies or independently.

The big fields also will be entrusted to foreign companies within framework of the new contracts and the companies will be active in the fields in cooperation with a qualified Iranian company.