NIOC: Refineries Avoid Trade with Non-Govt. Sector

“It should be noted that as far as oil exports by the private sector are concerned, the sale of oil consignments is not a matter; the important point is that world refineries are not ready to work with the private sector. They prefer to deal directly with the NIOC,” said Ghamsari.

Ghamsari outlined conditions of oil delivery to the private sector for sale in global markets and said the private sector has failed to be active in the oil exports, rather it is mostly active in the sales and export of oil products.

Commenting on oil exports through the private sector, Ghamsari said delivery of crude oil consignments to the private sector for exports will be conditional on the sales destinations and markets.

“Now the National Iranian Oil Company exports oil to certain markets; so, if the private sector is willing to join the business, it should identify new markets for oil exports besides the current markets.”

He said, “Therefore, in case of its request for receiving oil consignment for sale in the world market, we will be ready to deliver it to private applicants on condition that it complies with the aforementioned terms and conditions. Of course, the private sector has not yet been able to sell oil consignments in the world markets.”   

Based on another plan, that is to be implemented in the future, the oil consignments for exports will be put at the disposal of the private sector through the Iran Energy Exchange (IRENEX).

The official said condensate consignments have been offered to the private sector on a limited scale but not extensively.