NIDC Spuds 193 Wells during Last Calendar Year

An NIDC official, Naser Qolipour says 50 of the wells were completed 742 days ahead of plans. 

He said the company drilled 293,605 meters of wells during the same year. 

NIDC is currently operating 74 drilling rigs of which 68 are drilling wells in joint oil and gas fields. 

The company can spud development, appraisal, and exploration as well as workovers, said Qolipour. 

He further said NIDC is operating 10 rigs at South Azadegan and Azar onshore fields and 2 others at SP14 project of the supergiant South Pars Gas Field which Iran shares with Qatar in Persian Gulf waters. 

The company is also operating 56 other drilling rigs across the country.