New Gas Deals Mark Golden Opportunity

Talking to Shana, Hadi said growing development of financial mechanisms and tools mandate special outlook into the business by senior gas industry directors.

Hadi said financing of projects should follow special priority patterns and be met within shortest possible time  in tandem with related goals and targeted projects.

He said new oil contracts on agenda are in BOT, BOO or BLT forms, requiring using special knowledge and profession.

He noted that financial management is of crucial importance in that regard.

“It should be considered that implementation of such contracts marks a golden opportunity, requiring us to benefit from consultative services in line with interests of companies. Absolutely, we do have problems in connection with enforcement of the BOT contracts, hoping to solve them in the course of implementation of contracts.”

The official asked for structural changes in all domains, including investment, financing and financial security. “Company should recruit the world’s professional specialists and financial software. So, if the mechanism of financial management goes in tune with the delegated duties, will definitely encourage putting on agenda the recruitment of efficient forces; in the coming phase, quantity and increase in number of powerful forces will be taken into consideration.”