MP: Oil Industry to Witness Positive Developments in Production

Rajabi told Shana, “As for revival of Iranian share in the world oil market, good events are taking place. So, government moves to materialize its objects in oil domain.”

He commented on increase in Iranian oil production capacity and said the measures taken by Ministry of Petroleum in that regard and said irrespective of dependence on the budget, to be more influential internationally, favorable role should be played in oil production so as to follow up regional and global strategies.

Member of the Parliament Development Committee said once the new model of oil contracts is confirmed, international interactions in oil field will growth and it is hoped that with completion of the value chain and production of products favorable results will be gained.

“I imagine a bright prospect for oil industry; of course, impediments will continue to exist.”

Meanwhile, Head of the Parliament Economic Affairs Committee Mohammad-Reza Pour-Ebrahimi lauded Ministry of Petroleum’s efforts to revive oil market and said return to market was of importance for Iran and in this line the coalition of war on prices also defeated.