Monday Trading at IRENEX

The Domestic Ring of IRENEX on Monday witnessed continuous transaction in the advance-sale parallel contracts market of standard energy and other contracts.

Iso-recycle, solvent 404, bolding naphtha, solvent 410, ISO Feed and unrefined heavy naphtha of Shiraz Oil Refining Company, iso-recycle, solvents 400, 402 and 406 OF Isfahan Oil Refining Company, iso-recycle of Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company, slight and heavy cut fuel oil of Tabriz Petrochemical Company, and gas condensates of Razi Petrochemical Company willbe traded at the IRENEX Domestic Ring on Monday.

Iso-recycle of Tehran Oil Refining Company, bitumen of the cock manufacturing and refining unit of Zarand bitumen refining, and solvent 402 of Kermanshah Oil Refining company were traded at the domestic ring and solvent 402 at Tabriz Oil Refining and crude gas liquid of Ilam Gas Company were traded at the International Ring of the IRENEX on Sunday.

A total of 7,499 tons, worth more than 106.595 billion, items were supplied in the IRENEX.

In general, 144.352 billion rials worth trading were at the IRENEX on Sunday.

Furthermore, 8,780 contracts for 102,280 megawatts/hour energy, worth 37.757 billion, were traded at the IRENEX on Sunday.