Min. Suggests Iran-Norway Cooperation in Oil, Gas

Tayebnia made the offer in a meeting with Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs Borge Brende on the sidelines of the World Bank annual session in Washington.

He said Iran has gained progress in oil sale and understanding with other countries but there are still problems on the way of cooperation with Europe, that are hoped will be solved soon.  “There are ample grounds like oil and gas, fisheries, monetary and financial affairs in which the two sides can expand ties.”

He noted that despite their high potential, the volume of Iran-Norway economic cooperation is low, so they should upgrade ties in various economic domains.

“In the past we witnessed effective presence of Norwegian companies in development of Iranian oil fields but such a presence during tyrannical sanctions on Iran lowered to the least possible level. Regarding interest and preparedness of Norwegian companies, we are hopeful to resume cooperation in the field,” he added.