Min. of Petroleum Vendor List Matching Resistive Economy

Gordaninejad told Shana that preparation of the long list of sources for procurement of goods for central department of the Ministry of Petroleum has led to growing transparency, falling expenditures, minimizing parallel works and in sum to careful implementation of the policies of resistive economy.

He said more than 1,800 Iranian manufacturing companies are placed in the vendor list.

He added that four technical committees had been busy in four main companies of the Ministry to prepare the long list and evaluate the qualifications of the suppliers and manufacturers of oil equipment.

Meanwhile, Managing director of National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Ali Kardor had said in July that the NIOC will release a vendor list of eligible international energy companies for developing oil and gas fields in Iran for issuing the first tender based on newly-developed oil contracts.

Kardor had said only those international companies meeting NIOC’s standards were to be chosen. 

He said after their choice, companies could partake in tenders by NIOC. 

He added that the E&P and IOC companies will be the first companies to be allowed in tenders. 

Kardor said disregarding American companies, there are 37 companies in the world that meet the required standards for taking part in NIOC tenders.