Min.: New Delhi Eager to Expand Ties with Iran

Akhoundi made the remark at the end of his three-day visit to India.

He said as financier of credit lines of 150 million dollars and 85 million dollars for the Chabahar Port development projects, the Exim Bank of India can make necessary coordination for financial contribution of Japan into Chabahar development project.

He added that Chabahar Port development follows based on the timetable. At the time of sanctions, direct loading of ships disrupted during sanctions and efforts are underway for its resumption, he noted. 

Akhoundi said at the time of sanctions, big Indian ships transferred their cargo to south Persian Gulf states and then the cargo were transferred to Iran by small ships and this caused price hike and expenditures.

The Minister said sanctions are one of the main obstacles on the way of activation of the North-South corridor. “Following elimination of barriers and connection of railways and roads in the north and the south, conditions have been prepared for activation of the corridor.” 

He said cut of ties between Iranian and Indian economic activists at the time of sanctions was one of the problems facing expansion of bilateral relations. “We are in efforts to establish links between Iranian and Indian traders, thus preparing the ground for growing exchanges between the two sides.”

 Akhoundi said berthing of ships in Iranian ports, use of Iranian railways and transfer of cargo to the Caspian Sea and towards Astrakhan, investment in the Chabahar-Zahedan railway, supply of parts for overhaul of locomotives in Iran were the highlights of talks with the Indian officials.

To the end of his remarks, Akhoundi said Iran and India can cooperation in various fields, including oil, railway, IT, shipping and the north-south corridor.