Maritime Financing Made Possible

Safaie said in an address to the 24th Coordination Seminar of Maritime Organs that to this end, the NITC is ready to help finance bidders and share experiences with them.

He noted that a number of ships belonging to the NITC had been rented by foreign companies.

Iranian NITC fleet have gained success and good achievements and while transporting oil products, they have succeeded in serving international markets as well, he added.

He said for the time being, maritime transportation market is not in a good condition in terms of rates but it is predicted that positive developments will take place in the field, especially in the maritime transportation of oil substances, hence resulting in price hikes. 

He said for the time being, each VLCC is rented for 26,000 dollars a day, while daily cost of a ship is 8,000 to 12,000 dollars a day.

Safaie said a ship valued at 85 million dollars will not absolutely be able to meet its maintenance costs.