Leading Company Gets 60% of Goods from Domestic Suppliers

Saeid Zahiri, caretaker of the procurement and goods affairs department of the company, has said AOGC buy goods and services from domestic suppliers thanks to a directive for supporting domestic industries and manufacturers. 

He said the only reason that the company does not buy all of its goods from domestic producers is that they are not produced inside the country, otherwise it would have bought them outright. 

Half of the oil fields that AOGC operates are joint fields that Iran shares with its neighbors and therefore is regarded as a significant company in Iran’s oil industry. 

North and South Azadegan, North and South Yaran, Yadavaran, Sohrab and Sepehr are the fields being developed and operated by the company. 

The firm is tasked to bring its production capacity from the fields by 1.1mbd by 2025.