Leader: Price Reduction a Ploy to Force Independent States

Ayatollah Khamenei made the remark in an address to Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro in Tehran on Saturday.

The Supreme Leader said wise resistance against pressures will definitely result in victory.

Referring to the US plots and policies on west Asia, Ayatollah Khamenei said oil is now an arm to impose current problems on the independent states.

“In the past, when certain Muslim states blocked their oil to confront the Zionist regime, westerners launched hue and cries under political pretext of oil. However, unfortunately, today the same countries in alliance with certain OPEC members and certain countries in our region, which suffer from the policy as well, act in full coordination with the US policies and use oil as an arm.”

“Following wise policies and building up cooperation, one can overcome such plots and hostilities.”

Maduro in turn referred to harsh oil price decline in the past two years and said the US imperialism was too much hostile and interfered so much in Venezuela but Venezuelan nation resisted such economic war and now is gradually getting out of the economic crisis.