Last SP 19 Platform Installed

Topside 19B, weighting 1,640 tons, was successfully installed on the jacket of the platform. 

This was the last structure belonging to the offshore section of South Pars 19 that can recover up to 14.2 mcm/d of gas. 

The platform will become operational during April after its hookup and startup operations are over. 

The platform was constructed with an investment of $150m, said Hamid Reza Masoudi, operation of SP 19 project. 

Production of gas from the phase began in April 2016 and has so far supplied 7.2 million barrels of gas condensate and 5 billion cubic meters of gas. 

Masoudi said 61% of the designing, engineering, construction, startup and operation of the phase was carried out by Iranian engineers and experts.