ISOICO Builds Platforms in 2 Months

Rezaiean said ISOICO had loaded and installed the Platform 18B of South Pars in summer.

Rezaiean added that his company is now busy loading and installing the platform 17B in its location.

He noted that the ISOICO’s 300,000-ton capacity to build vessels and giant oil and gas platforms in Persian Gulf is unrivaled.

Designing, building and repairing various kinds of vessels with up to DWT3000 capacity, catamarans, fishing, tugging, landing craft and barge vessels and also gas platforms are among other capabilities of ISOICO, according to Rezaian.

Rezaiean also referred to construction of platforms for phases 14, 16, 17 and 18, as well as Hengam and Hendijan fields by his company and said 90 small vessels are built in Iran. 

The official said the biggest ocean liner of Iran, i.e. Kashan Ship, was built in ISOICO and Shahre Kord vessel will soon be built. 

Designing and construction of Nezami Ganjavi 4 landing craft and Darya Pak 1 Ship, which is the most sophisticated vessel for collection of oil leaks is over, said Rezaiean. 

Earlier, cost and time were two deterrent factors, impeding the ISOICO to enter the world market but following positive balance of the company’s activities and four-year shining performance by the company, the cost and time have lowered, Rezaiean boasted.

For the time being, construction of vessels operating under 60 meters takes his company one year rather than 13 years.

Concluding his remarks, Rezaiean said ISOICO is now capable of competing with the world’s major shipbuilding companies. 

ISOICO is 37 kms west of Bandar Abbas, situated on 1,100 square kilometers of land.