Iranian Oil Tankers, Commercial Vessels Immune to Sea Piracy

Sayyari told Shana on Tuesday that all the Iranian tankers, distancing from Iranian coastal regions and islands, will be provided with security with the Islamic Republic Navy forces.

He said National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) had called on the Islamic Republic Army Navy to guarantee security of oil tankers in the Yemeni and Somali coastal regions, Bab-el-Mandab Strait and parts of the Red Sea.

He added that in addition to the oil tankers, commercial ships are also provided with security guarantee by the Islamic Republic Army’s Navy force.

Sayyari said since 2008, when the region has been gripped with sea piracy, the Islamic Republic Army’s Navy has escorted 3,800 commercial ships and tankers and nothing has happened on them. 

“We have also helped certain countries that had sought our help to provide security for their ships.”

To the end of his remarks, Sayyari said, “We will provide and guarantee security for ships as long as there is any threat. We are fully prepared in any other part and will not our commercial vessels or oil tankers to be damaged in any region posed to any threat.”