Iranian companies’ Potential to Be Used in Oil Projects

Talking to Shana, Secretary of the Parliament Energy Committee Abdolhamid Khedri quoted Zanganeh as telling the Parliament Energy Committee on Tuesday that the new model of oil contracts envisions recruiting services and capacity of Iranian companies.

Khedri further quoted Zanganeh as assuring the parliamentarians that as far as sovereignty of the country is concerned, the new model of oil contracts had comprehensively dealt with the crucial issue.

He commented on involvement of Iranian companies in oil projects and said Ministry of Petroleum gives preference to Iranian companies in the oil projects and to this end 11 Iranian companies have been introduced and there is no limitation in terms of recruiting domestic potential.

The MP said for the time being, a public announcement has been released inviting foreign companies to run the tender. “However, Minister of Petroleum today emphasized using potential of domestic companies because even if foreign companies getting qualified and winning the contract to run the project, they would have to recruit Iranian partners.”