Iran Wins Possibility for Increasing Oil Production, Exports

Oil condition in Iran is totally different with condition in the past years because this year, sanctions on the Iranian crude exports have been totally eliminated and possibility has been provided for production and export of oil.

The Majlis Research Center in an analysis about real section of Iranian economy said oil sector is one of the key and important sectors of Iranian economy which based on national accounts of the Central Bank which reserved 17 percent of Iranian Gross Domestic Production (GDP) on the average in the past 10 years.

The report says such a high share indicates importance of the sector. The oil sector is the driving force of other economic sectors of Iran. Though not being affected by other sectors, positive growth of it will affect other economic sectors, including public services and construction through increase in demand for the sectors.

Oil section condition in the year 1395 (2016-17) is totally different with that in the past years because in that year, sanctions on Iranian oil exports were lifted and the possibility was provided for Iran to enhance production and exports of oil.